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14 Days Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh

14 Days Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh

14 Days Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh

Day 1 – 14 Days Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh

After arriving at your hotel, you will be given a welcome gift and a hand guide to further assistance.

Later, you will have time to yourself so that you can find your body’s rhythm by going up and down stairs or walking around.

Also, during this first day, you will learn about the different practices taught here. These are not only important for learning new skills, but also helps align your energy as well as keeping you calm.

You will learn about the yoga poses performed with breath control versus without control. You will learn how to prepare and do each pose.

Lastly, we explain the meaning behind the poses and give helpful hints at 14 Days Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh. With more practice, you can do these poses, too!

14 Days Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh

Let’s start with Deep Breathing. This is done slowly and deeply by breathing through one nostril. To do this, push out the other stuff that is holding you back within the realm of limit beliefs (i.e. I can’t breathe like that!).

Practice deep breathing until it feels natural.

Next, put your hands together doing business as usual. Then do old habits while standing up. Next, try putting your hands together when you lie down. After having done both types, choose what works best for you.

Day 2 Yoga Retreat

Wake up with the sounds of birds singing!

After a good night’s sleep, you are ready to start your day. Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 9:30. During this time, you will go through a brief introduction to the studio and how things run here. Then you can come back to the room to relax or dress yourself.

From breakfast, you have classes until around 1:00, when you then return to the room to rest for about an hour. From there, it is lunchtime, after which you have class again. This pattern is repeated every day except today, where we will have no classes that day.

In between meals, you can either work out in the gym or walk down to the lake or shops along the trail. Once you finish your meal, drink some water, and stretch, someone will show you to your room.

Day 3 of Yoga Retreat

While sitting poses are used for meditation, they are also very useful when you want to learn how to relax. Because these poses help get you into a comfortable position, you can practice them anywhere you find yourself relaxed.

These poses work especially well if you are feeling tired or stressed. If you have a tight back or shoulders, then try going onto your bed and doing some hip rolls. You will feel this stretch throughout your body and mind.

This pose is known as calf raises. Starting with your feet together, step forward with your right foot. Then push off with your left hand and slowly bend your knees. You can make your knee placement more comfortable by placing a pillow under your bent knee.

Once you have done one set of exercises, rest for at least 5 minutes before repeating.

Day 4 of Yoga Retreats

In our early days, we need to focus on building more flexibility from the floor with side stretches.

With this as your foundation, you can work towards better alignment by deepening your breathing and becoming conscious of your movements.

This will help you gain confidence in doing basic poses and will leave you feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Our next step is into backbends (this is called ‘opening up the back’). We also learn how to balanced between sitting down and standing up. This is a crucial block to overcome if you want to be able to move out comfortably.

Both of these things are addressed individually by experts within the yoga community. There are many videos online for guidance.

These are free form; however there are variations to make them suitable for each person.

Day 5 of Yoga Retreat in India

With your next step to discover yoga, you’re going to practice Child’s Pose. This is a nice, easy pose that can be practiced by all levels of yogis.

Child’s Pose helps with back pain and increased mobility. It also creates space within the body for deeper breathing and greater relaxation.

You will need a block or pillow to lay your head if you do not have neck problems. The goal is to lie with your legs stretched out behind you and then gently roll over onto your front.

The idea is to relax both your lower and upper bodies while getting more active and flexible. You can make this a daily exercise or add it into your workout routine.

Day 6 of Yoga Retreat Rishikesh

Although you’re still getting to know your body, today is all about relaxation and rejuvenation.

After breakfast, we head back into town for our morning yoga session. We follow along with the instructor as he leads us through several poses.

We spend more time sitting or standing here as teachers and instructors teach us different ways of improving our balance and core strength. Some of these include breathing techniques and helping us find peace and silence within ourselves.

Throughout this relaxing day, we enjoy walking down to the river for a swim if weather permits. In the evenings, we dance together either at night under the stars or at one of the local gatherings.

Day 7-14

These two days are half retreat/half activity. On the mornings of these 2 days, there is no class and instead we focus on personal development and healing. These are also the only days that we do not attend an integrated lifestyle workshop where people learn how to effectively live with themselves and each other.

On both nights, it’s sometimes warm enough to go swimming again. We have dinner outside once up above the tree line and once by the fire below. There are many animals surrounding the village which make for great evening walks.

There is a community potluck meal service today. Many of the villagers come and eat lunch alongside of us tourists. It makes for a nice intermingling of cultures!

Day 7 of Retreat

There are many ways to practice yoga. Some prefer sitting down with their eyes closed to meditation. Others, like myself, have a more active style of practicing.

For today’s exercise, we will be doing something called “dolphin dives.” This is a very fun and effective way to practice hot yoga. It is also a great combination with all types of yoga practices.

Dolphin dives involve jumping into the air while holding an extension of your arm. When you land, you then hold this extended position for as long as possible. After that, you return to the starting position and repeat it twice more.

They are tough but definitely worth it! Hot yoga combines easy breathing with helpful techniques. You will need a yoga mat, water bottle, and a partner.

Here are some benefits of dolphin dives:

Increased strength/flexibility; improved mental focus.

14 Days Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh

Day 8 of Yoga Retreats

With morning yoga practices, you will awaken your body and mind. You will find that you are more flexible than you think.

Yoga also helps you understand what types of movements stress you out.

If things like cars, buses, meetings, jobs, etc. make you tense, try working through these activities with yoga.

Breaking down activity into small tasks is much easier to do. After doing some yoga days, break it up with mantra or meditation.

This relaxation technique will help you deal with everything else in your day.

Day 9 of Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh India

Early morning hath some incredible views of the valley below followed by sunrise tea time offering a perfect start to the day. You will also enjoy exploring this holy city more as you take additional classes in yoga, meditation, massage therapy, or healing treatments.

Healing walks are included every day including visits to different temples and ashrams for quiet respite after lunch. In the late afternoon there is often a visit from someone famous who comes to give motivational speech about health and fitness.

In the evening, after dinner, there is usually a guest speaker who talks about yoga and mediation. This provides another opportunity to practice what you have learned.

Day 10 Yoga Retreat

Your trip ends with breakfast this morning. Many guests return on this day or early next day. Others stay longer to explore the region further.

We hope you have enjoyed your experience at Rishikesh and look forward to hearing back from you!

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