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What’s Tantra Received to Do With Yoga?

What’s Tantra Received to Do With Yoga?


So usually we get the query, “What’s Tantra Yoga?” Some might comprehend it because the “yoga of intercourse” or the “horny yoga” and consider it primarily as a solution to obtain higher orgasms.

After which there may be the type of Yoga we’ve got turn into so accustomed to within the West, which has a studio at virtually each road nook of our fashionable cities. We present as much as a yoga studio, lay down our mat and follow our poses. That is yoga, proper? Sure, however that is only one type of yoga referred to as “Hatha” yoga.

Hatha yoga is the follow of the bodily physique. Tantra yoga is the follow of the energetic physique.

What is the “energetic physique?” You’ll be able to have a look at it this manner: All matter is made up of vitality frequency, as now confirmed by Quantum Physics. This consists of our physique. Life power vitality is working by means of us human beings always from the second we’re conceived to the time we die. Life power vitality is understood by totally different names in numerous cultures, like Chi in Chinese language, Kundalini in Sanskrit, Reiki in Japanese, or The Pressure like in Star Wars. Life power and sexual vitality are the identical. It is the vitality that introduced us into this world. More often than not life power sexual vitality reveals up in delicate states after which at instances in aroused states. Tantric yoga permits to develop consciousness of our life power vitality and the way it manifests in us on bodily, emotional and psychological ranges.

To entry energetic consciousness we draw on the Chakra system of seven main vitality facilities within the physique. Every Chakra is related to a special manner of sensing, feeling and reflecting. For instance, the guts Chakra, positioned in the midst of the chest between the breasts, is related to love and compassion, and the flexibility to attach with different folks. That is seen when an individual expresses love for one thing or somebody and locations their hand on their coronary heart. Everyone knows this expertise. If the guts Chakra is out of steadiness and constricted, we might really feel closed off to ourselves or from one other. Different Chakras produce other impacts and all are equally essential.

Connecting with our vitality facilities we are able to begin to clear blocks of emotional, bodily or religious nature so we could also be residing life to the fullest. These blocks don’t simply exist within the thoughts, they’re held within the physique. We glance to the Chakras to see the place we’re out of steadiness. By means of breath work, motion, meditation, and emotional and bodily launch processes, an individual can clear these blocks and expertise higher pleasure and aliveness of their life. What additionally finally ends up occurring is the physique begins “working” higher, vitality begins to circulate extra simply and we really feel extra awake and turn into bodily effectively.

That is additionally the first objective of Hatha yoga – to permit one’s vitality to circulate extra simply. Alignment is the principle focus of any Hatha yoga class. The poses (a.ok.a. “Asanas”) have been designed to get an individual’s physique into optimum alignment. And never only for the sake of higher posture; every pose has an brisk part behind it. For instance, Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I) is nice bodily for constructing power within the quadriceps and gluteus but in addition energetically cultivates extra braveness and power to face life’s challenges.

Tantra and Hatha yoga, subsequently, begin feeding into one another. For instance, if an individual is working towards quite a lot of Tantra they might discover that their asana follow significantly improves. It’s because as their vitality runs higher, their physique naturally goes in direction of optimum alignment. Conversely, if an individual is primarily a Hatha yoga practitioner, their physique will begin to launch emotional blocks as they work on their alignment. That is why not everybody feels at peace or completely satisfied throughout a yoga class. As we begin to breathe and stretch into our our bodies, previous feelings begin to come up.

You’ll be able to see Yoga is available in many shapes and varieties. Tantra is one follow that leads towards deeper achievement and pleasure in a single’s life. When practiced in partnership with Hatha yoga, a practitioner can expertise power and aliveness in each their bodily and energetic physique.


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